Likit Ürünler

Efficiency, speed and low cost performance



  • Neutralizes and treats: Tobacco odors
  • Particularity: A slight minty olfactory note
  • Application: Spray in rooms and on curtains, carpets


DeoShoes, a powerful product treating bad odors due to perspiration.

Exair A-HR-20A

Exair A-HR-20

Very high residual spectrum surface treatment

  • Neutralizes and treats: strong odors due to organic matter degradation
  • Particularity: high remanence of 4 to 8 weeks
  • Application: treatment of waste storage areas, garbage cans, garbage bins, …


Septic’Air Deodorant for pipes and liquid effluents

  • Neutralizes and treats: Sewer, septic and liquid waste odors
  • Particularity: Very simple and economical use
  • Application: Dilution, before being poured into pipes, siphons, sinks, …


Sol’Air Olfactory treatment of soil volumes

  • Neutralizes and treats: Kitchens, halls, toilets, process volumes and
    cold room
  • Particularity: Economical and adapted to large volumes
  • Application: Applies by diluting in soil wash water


The range of Exair active components is recommended for the treatment of odorous gas emissions and comes in the form of several products whose responsiveness meets the different types of gaseous odors or structures they are confronted with.

The quality of the implementation technique leads to the optimization and the performance of the treatment.

Lagun’Air Range


Our Lagun’Air range can be applied to all types of tanks or lagoons, whatever their size. Lagun’Air products are formulated to treat all types of water.

It is distributed under the surface of the water. Drops of water in drops of water in the water. This dispersion method is described as « micellogenic ».