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Gel-o-dor Teknoloji

Gel-O-Dor is a polymeric matrix containing active against diffusion-released molecules and scent. Depending on the temperature and the intensity of the air flow, the Gel-O-Dor plate releases the active agents in slow and stable kinetics. The smelly molecules will react with the active agents of Biothys ™ and will be neutralized.

Unlike Gelactiv® plates, Gel-O-Dor® plates not only neutralize odors, but also diffuse a light fragrance into the air.

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Gelactiv Teknoloji

Gelactiv is a polymer matrix plate that releases active agents. A mixture of agents is incorporated in the gel plate and continuously emits active components into the air stream. The components react with odorants, which are chemically neutralized.

Our technology can reduce olfactory odors by more than 90%.

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Gelactiv SHK Teknoloji

 Gelactiv SHK, specific configuration of Gelactiv, is a polymer matrix plate suitable for the treatment of waste water networks and lifting stations.

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